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Shipping and Tracking

Sample Transportation FAQ

I lost my Track-Kit username and/or password. How can I retrieve it?

Contact a member of our support team at 613-738-3222 x3421 or by email at

For quality purposes, it is important to make sure that the newborn screening collection card is not expired. Please double check the expiry date on the sample. If the bloodspot was already collected on an expired collection card, please ship it to our lab and collect a repeat sample as soon as possible. Please verify your newborn screening collection card inventory and reorder from the distributor if necessary.

NSO covers the cost of all newborn screening transportation. There is no cost to your hospital or midwifery practice as long as the sample is shipped with Track-Kit.

Purolator supplies are also available free-of-charge to all newborn screening submitters.

Track-Kit will always select the fastest shipping option “Purolator Express Pack”. Please do not change this setting.

If eligible for Purolator’s Saturday Delivery and/or Saturday Pickup service, Track-Kit will automatically select it for you. Please do not unselect these options. There are no added costs to your organization for Saturday Delivery or Saturday Pickup service.

Please DO NOT wait for a number of newborn screening samples to create a shipment. Create a shipment every day that a sample is ready to ship! It is important that every sample arrives at NSO as quickly as possible. Although this costs more in transportation fees, it can make a big difference in a baby’s health if they screen positive for a diseases NSO screens for.

No. If you use manual waybills NSO is not notified that your organization created a shipment containing newborn screening samples. NSO has no way to track packages shipped with manual waybills. If the shipment is delayed or lost in transit, there is no way to know.

Yes! Always ship samples Monday – Friday. On Fridays, verify that the option for Saturday Delivery is checked in Track-Kit. Click here for a list of sites eligible for Saturday Delivery.

If your site is eligible, please also ship samples on Saturday and verify that the Saturday Pickup service is requested in Track-Kit. Click here for a list of sites eligible for Saturday Pickup Service. When shipping on Saturday, a pickup request within Track-Kit is mandatory – even if your site has a pre-arranged Monday to Friday pickup schedule with Purolator.

Please do not individually wrap screening samples.

  • Newborn screening cards are designed to protect the samples with a flap that folds over the dried blood spot collection circles (the filter paper). This can be folded over once the sample is dry (at least 3 hours after collection), and then cards can be stacked together.
  • Extra individual packaging is not necessary. It is more time consuming for submitters and our laboratory staff to individually package and then unpackage a sample.
  • A sample that is not completely dry and placed in a biohazard bag may not be tested, causing additional processing/resulting delays.

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